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Lerner College Strategic Path to Prominence Contributions

Introduction to academic department and unit-level contributions

      In the words of President Patrick Harker, the destination of the University remains constant: to fulfill the mission of the University and to be recognized around the world as one of the great public institutions of higher education in America. A University-wide strategic plan, known as the “Path to Prominence,” is a guiding document that has been designed to engage closely with the critical issues of our day, to increase the global impact of the University, and to raise its prominence in the world.

      The Lerner College of Business and Economics enthusiastically supports these efforts; and, along with its College-wide contributions, has developed department and unit-level plans designed to sustain and facilitate the six major milestones outlined in the Path to Prominence. Each department presents fresh ideas and new approaches that address the major challenges we face as a university as we all work together to propel the University forward on the path to prominence.

      A summary of the College-wide contributions is listed below:

  • The Lerner College of Business and Economics will continue to offer a flexible, high quality, academically rigorous undergraduate program that is ranked among the best in the country. The Lerner College will be highly selective and provide increasing opportunities to enhance the diversity of the student body and to Delawareans.
  • The Lerner College of Business and Economics will continue to hire, retain and support a diverse faculty capable of producing the best quality and high impact scholarship.
  • A major support for scholarship in many top business colleges is research-focused doctoral programs that provide intellectual stimulation and high quality research assistants to support high-impact scholarships. The college will explore new graduate programs including a college-wide doctoral program in Business to complement the existing doctoral program in Economics. These two Ph.D. programs can serve as the anchors for the excellence of graduate education in the college and will enhance scholarship and instruction.
  • The Lerner College of Business and Economics will actively pursue high-profile strategic initiatives to deliver outstanding professional education and to elevate the visibility of its professional programs and centers. It will seek to be the preferred provider of business related professional education in the region and globally.
  • The Lerner College will actively pursue high-profile strategic and global initiatives to elevate the visibility of its programs and centers to achieve national and international prominence.
  • The Lerner College will plan for the construction of new building to provide faculty, students, alumni, and friends a state-of-the-art educational facility and to accommodate increasing enrollment and hiring of additional faculty and staff.

To view our individual Department Contributions:

The Lerner College is home to a state-of-the-art financial trading facility, the $1.4 million student-led Blue Hen Investment Fund, a student-managed restaurant and hotel, a high-technology development center of a global bank and a start-up experience for students with new business ideas.

Lerner College faculty - like Anu Sivaraman, who is among Social Media Marketing Magazine’s “Top 100 Marketing Professors on Twitter” and MBAprograms.org’s “Top 50 Marketing Professors on Twitter” - are thought leaders who command attention from influential business audiences, economists and policy makers.

All Lerner College departments offer experience-driven learning and emphasize evidence-based analytics methods to enrich the student experience. Here, finance students visit New York City’s financial districts for a first-hand look at markets trading and to meet with UD alumni.

Charles W. Horn, AS75, and wife Patricia, recently made a $3 million commitment to enhance and expand entrepreneurial studies.

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