Alumni Board Minutes

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May 15, 2013

December 7, 2012

May 18, 2011

Dec 9, 2010

May 19, 2010

Dec 10, 2009

May 21, 2009

Dec. 11, 2008

May 22, 2008

December 6, 2007

May 4, 2007

December 8, 2006

May 11, 2006

Oct. 19, 2005

March 23, 2005

Sept. 23, 2004

May 15, 2013


  • 10:00 – 11:30 a.m. Board meeting
  • 11:30 – 12:00 p.m.
    • Tom Becker, Chairman and Professor, Department of Business Administration
  • 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. Lunch Buffet, Lerner Atrium
  • 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Dean’s Presentation
  • 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. Development Report
  • 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. Guided Tour of UD ISE Lab Site
    • No open toe shoes-construction site
  • 4:30 p.m. Social Event

Opening Remarks – Rich Corcoran

  • 2012 Goals (Review)
    • Enhance Alumni Board member experience
    • Align Alumni Board activities with Lerner College’s strategic priorities
    • Reinvigorate sub committees
    • Improve new member development process
  • 2013 Goals
    • Enhance Alumni Board member experience
    • Spring and Fall conference calls
    • Increase visibility within the UD alumni community
  • Updating our website was a first step
    • Refine and document subcommittee activities
    • Fill Voting and At-Large member  positions
    • “Adopt a Program”

Special Event & Alumni Liaison Subcommittee Report – Jenn Baur

  • Coordinate with UDAA
  • Need for additional members on the committee
  • Discussion about philanthropy to support in December (as discussed during our March conference call)
  • Ideas for a social event in December after our board meeting
    • Any volunteers to coordinate?

Alumni Awards Subcommittee Report – John Linthicum

  • Process greatly improved this year with the help of Dean Bruce Weber, Roger Coffin and Liz Cahill
  • Very strong candidate pool with diverse professional and personal backgrounds
  • Overview of this year’s awardees
  • The Alumni Awards of Excellence is May 31

College Support Committee Report – Mike Thompson

  • Continue to develop a longer term approach through 2014
  • Associate Member Guidelines
    • Key deliverable and follow up from last Board meeting
    • Expectations & Responsibilities
    • Process for Selection
  • Communications/Coordination to support College events
    • Alumni Board Profile Sheet to be sent to all members week of 5/20
    • Purpose: Soliciting your  input of areas of interest in terms of support
    • Will then coordinate with College  Administration beginning Fall Semester 2013
    • Targeted involvement-examples:
  • Career Services-Workshops
  • Faculty/Class room support
  • Seminars
  • Associate/Undergrad Survey

Membership Committee Report – Jackie Varrasse

  • Welcome new Voting Board Members
  • Welcome new At Large Board Members
  • Five Board Member terms end in 2013
    • Members of the committee will contact you individually
  • Continue to focus on new member development

Open Discussion

  • New member experience
  • Board leadership positions
  • Consider terms of office for committee chairs?
  • President position

Start thinking about 2014 goals

December 7, 2012


  • 10:00 –11:30am: Board meeting
  • 11:30 – 12:00pm: Jim O’Neill, Director, CEEE
  • 12:00 – 1:00pm: Lunch Buffet, Lerner Atrium
  • 1:00 – 2:00pm: Dean’s Presentation
  • 2:00 – 3:00pm: Development Report
  • 3:00 – 4:00pm: Lerner College Update
    • Interim Chair Francis Kwansa, HRIM
    • Associate Professor and Program Director, MS in Finance, Terry Campbell
    • Jill Pante, Associate Director, Career Services
  • 4:30 p.m. Break and Graduate Student Open House

Opening Remarks – Rich Corcoran

  • 2012 Goals (Review)
    • Enhance Alumni Board member experience
    • Align Alumni Board activities with Lerner College’s strategic priorities
    • Reinvigorate sub committees
    • Improve new member development process
  • 2013 Goals
    • Enhance Alumni Board member experience
    • Increase visibility within the UD alumni community
    • Refine and document subcommittee activities
    • Fill at-large member positions (May)

Alumni Liaison Subcommittee Report – Jenn Baur

  • Coordinate with UDAA
  • Discuss sponsoring a LCBE alumni event
    • 2/15 deadline to submit for satellite club assistance for funds that we could use in May.
    • Funds won’t cover full costs, but can help bring down per person cost
    • Preference of the Board to have an event at Alumni weekend or around our spring Board meeting?
      • Site ideas?
      • Targeted population?
      • Any mailings or strictly Email/social media/Alumni website?
    • Need some help from Liz and/or Roger to estimate costs for an event if we did something on-campus (i.e. Lerner Atrium or Courtyard by Marriott on campus) and/or printing/mailing resources if needed

Alumni Awards Subcommittee Report – John Linthicum

  • Initial focus
    • Improve interaction models
      • change interaction model between committee and university
        • more proactive in sourcing candidates - outreach program
        • change the way candidates are vetted by the university (school takes list, culls down to finalists, committee chooses winners)
      • change interaction model between committee and nominators - direct engagement between a committee member and the nominator
    • explore increased scope
      • move towards year-round committee responsibilities
      • additional awards? alignment to other university award efforts?
    • document new procedures

College Support Committee Report – Harry Cubit

  • Coordinating with College (Liz & Roger) for 2013
    • Developing a longer term, 12 month Plan, for 2013 and then support by semester
    • Areas:
      • Support of Alumni Awards & Input
      • Communications/Coordination of various events, raising awareness with the Board
      • Soliciting input from Board-areas of interest in terms of support (follow up in terms of profile sheets)
      • Fund raising support

Membership Committee Report – Dave Ford

  • Proposal to amend By Laws for At Large Members (voting issue)
  • Presentation of New Board Members (voting issue)
  • Welcome new Associate Members
  • Discussion of At Large Member recruitment process
  • Implemented annual self assessment process

Voting – Full Board The LCBE Alumni Board unanimously voted to approve the following

  • Recommendation to Amend By Laws – The Membership Committee proposed to amend the bylaws to allow the Board to elect At Large Members.  Over the summer, the Committee and President worked with Dean Weber, Roger Coffin and Liz Cahill to finalize the proposal, which was presented to the Board. 
  • New Board Members – Throughout the year, the Membership Committee interacted with Alumni whom expressed an interest in joining the Board.  Based on their review of the candidates and in consultation with the College, the committee proposed five Alumni for membership. 
  • Associate Members – The LCBE Alumni Board bylaws allow for Associate Member status for current undergraduate and graduate students. The Board agreed to reinstate the practice of including Associate Member participation. The College recommended two current students whom will serve as Associate Members on the Board through May. 

Open Discussion – Full Board

  • “Adopt a Program” proposal – A major objective of the Alumni Board is to identify and encourage support of College priorities.  The Board discussed a number of ways it could further align its efforts with the College’s key initiatives.  One of the ideas discussed was the potential for Alumni Board members to consider designating annual giving to the College (financial and non-financial) in support of one or several key programs.  This idea resonated with the Board, and it was agreed that we would informally ‘adopt’ two programs that Dean Bruce Weber and Development Director Liz Cahill identified that are of strategic importance for 2013.
    • Center for Economic Education & Entrepreneurship (CEEE):  Please note that Dr. Jim O’Neill – the Director of this program – will be presenting to us during our meeting.
    • Horn Program in Entrepreneurship:  The Horn Program was created through a recent gift by Alumni Charlie Horn and his wife Patty (  Dr. Dan Freeman will serve as the Director of the Program.  You may recall that Professor Freeman presented to us at our May board meeting.

May 18, 2011

Meeting cancelled, no minutes.

Dec 9, 2010

Discussion of Lerner College Dean Search process, no minutes.

May 19, 2010

Attending were: Cal Amir, Jennifer Baur, David Ford, Andrew Hill, Ken Jones, Bob McNutt, Dennis Sheehy, Rob Van Etten, Dan Vansciver, Dean Bobby Gempesaw, Marketing Manager Katie Marrone, Director of Development Liz Cahill, and former Manager of Communications and Outreach Linda Dunn.

Prior to the start of the meeting, members of the Board whose schedules enabled them to attended a luncheon with guest speaker Tom Apple, UD Provost. Also attending the luncheon were members of the Lerner Dean’s Advisory Board and Lerner faculty, including Ajay Manrai, Rick Andrews, Bob Nelson, Saul Hoffman, Bob Schweitzer, Matt Robinson, Tim DeSchriver, and Edgar Johnson.

Ken Jones, Board President, welcomed the group and asked all members to introduce themselves.

Ken then presented to the Board the list of proposed new members. The list was unanimously accepted. The Dean’s Office will contact the individuals formally. Ken indicated that if all five new members accept their appointments to the Board, one member of the Board would be requested to step down at the end of their current term so that total Board membership does not exceed 20 members as per the Board by-laws.

Dan Vansciver thanked the members of Alumni Awards of Excellence Selection Committee (Andrew Hill, Jennifer Baur, Cal Amir and Bob McNutt) for their work on reviewing nominations and selecting the 2010 recipients. Ken thanked Dan for his service and confirmed that Dan will introduce the award recipients during the awards ceremony on Friday, June 4, 2010. Ken extended the invitation to the awards ceremony and reception to all members of the Board. Discussion ensued regarding the selection process for the Alumni Awards of Excellence. Dean Gempesaw asked for endorsement of the new Alumni Awards of Excellence nomination and rating forms. The new documents were unanimously accepted. See the attached document to view the forms. The Board also discussed networking and solicitation of nominations. Ken asked all members to submit at least one nomination next year, and requested that Katie Marrone send a reminder regarding nominations to all Board members in December. Dean Gempesaw mentioned that nominations might also be solicited through the college’s online newsletter, Business Briefs, which will go out to all alumni on a monthly basis beginning Fall 2010.

The Dean then provided an update on the UD-Lerner applications and enrollment data along with the annual college accomplishment highlights. He then opened the floor for discussion by the Board members of the Lerner College’s future growth plans. The Dean thanked all for attending and for their valuable feedback and suggestions, and the meeting was adjourned.

The next two meetings will be held on Thursday, December 9, 2010 and Wednesday, May 18, 2011.

Dec 10, 2009

Attending were: Cal Amir, Rich Corcoran, Harry Cubit, David Ford, Andrew Hill, Ken Jones, Paul Marquez, Bob McNutt, Steven Pruit, Dennis Sheehy, Rob Van Etten, Jackie Varrasse, Dean Bobby Gempesaw, and Linda Dunn. Guests included: Paul Rollison, Jill Pante, both of Career Services, and students Lynn Hurley and Matt Restaino.

Ken Jones, Board President, welcomed the group and introduced each of the new members: Rich Corcoran, David Ford, Jeff Mitchell, Rob Van Etten, and Jackie Varrasse. On behalf of the Alumni Board, Ken presented a gift to Linda Dunn in recognition of her retirement. Many, many thanks to the board for this generous gift and warm thoughts.

Two students, Lynn Hurley and Matt Restaino, made a presentation about the Business Student Advisory Board’s activities and future initiatives. The mission of the BSAB is to act as a liaison between students, faculty, and the administration and promote activities that enrich those relationships. They also indicated that the wanted to expand their networking to include alumni who may be interested in promoting internships and providing contacts to help students explore employment opportunities. They will be inviting the alumni board to their annual picnic and will seek out support for other programs as well.

Jill Pante and Paul Rollison, Assistant Directors in the College’s newly established Career Services Center, presented information about how the Center is servicing students. They discussed selected activities for both graduate and undergraduate students such as the corporate information sessions, internship and corporate associates programs, and the Executive Mentors Scholars program. Board members asked how they could help and Paul and Jill presented several ideas ranging from increased participation in EMSP to alumni networking. Jill will follow up with selected members.

Linda Dunn reminded everyone about the upcoming event—Alumni Forum and Reunion Weekend, June 4-6. The weekend includes a number of networking opportunities, a 3-mile walk/run, college showcases, and the College’s annual presentation of the prestigious Awards of Excellence. The Awards of Excellence will be presented on Friday night at 6:30, June 4, in the Atrium of Lerner Hall. You are encouraged to nominate someone by clicking here or visiting the awards of excellence site at: Nominations end on March 1.

Dean Gempesaw continued the meeting and reminded everyone of the holiday party being held that evening at 5:30 in the College Atrium.

The next two meetings are Thursday, May 20, 2010 and Thursday, Dec. 9, 2010.

May 21, 2009

Attending: Paul Marquez, Mike Thompson, Dennis Sheehy, Cal Amir, Ken Jones, Bob McNutt, Steve Pruitt, Dan VanSciver, Dean Gempesaw, and Linda Dunn.

The meeting began as a joint session with both the Alumni Board and the Advisory Board being part of a presentation and discussion led by Tom Becker on the College’s accreditation and assessment efforts. Tom is Professor of Business Administration and the Faculty Director of Assessment and Accreditation. Part of the discussion centered around qualities that employers evaluate when selecting new employees for their firms. The joint-session continued through lunch with a presentation by Lou Hirsh, Director of Admissions, who provided remarks on the impact of the economy on University and College admissions. 

Following the luncheon, the Alumni Board reconvened for its semi annual meeting in the Dean’s conference room. Dean Gempesaw welcomed Ken Jones as the new president and thanked him for his willingness to serve.   The dean also updated the board on recent initiatives and current challenges. Highlights of recent accomplishments and initiatives included a new advertising minor, the announcement that Sports Management would be reassigned from Health Sciences to the Lerner College, the new Career Services Satellite Center now housed in Purnell Hall and some newly established unique course offerings, study abroad courses, and internship opportunities that are all serving the enhance the success of our students. Challenges include maintaining high standards on research productivity while balancing excellence in teaching, addressing space constraints, and managing job placement in today’s economic environment. 

Ken Jones, as President, presented to the board a suggested slate for new members. The slate was unanimously accepted and those individuals are being contacted. He also asked the board if, in conjunction with the dean, additional candidates might be invited to join should an additional excellent candidate come to light in the interim. The Board endorsed his request, as well as endorsing a by-law change to read that the board should consist of “approximately 15-20 members.” Previously it stated “approximately 15 members.” See the attached document to view the by-laws.Dan VanSciver thanked the members of his committee (Liz and Andrew) for their work on the Awards of Excellence. The three recipients will receive their awards at the upcoming Awards of Excellence on Jun 5th as part of Alumni and Reunion Weekend.   Awards are being presented to three outstanding individuals—Barry Crozier, Matt Martin, and Dan Strickberger. 

Comments from the Joint Boards—the College Advisory Board and Alumni Boards as part of the Lerner College Assurance of Learning Project

Dec. 11, 2008

Attending:  Liz Brenner, Andrew Hill, Ken Jones, Paul Marquez, Dennis Sheehy, Mike Thompson, Stacey Muzzi, Dean Gempesaw, Linda Dunn

I. The meeting began as a joint session with the Dean’s Advisory Board in the Exelon Trading Center.  Rich Jakotowicz, Manager of the ETC, gave a demonstration of the lab’s capabilities and showed sample financial data using Reuters and Bloomberg.

II. A Panel discussion on “The Role of Governments and Markets in Managing the Economy” was led by three distinguished individuals: 

Don Puglisi—MBNA Professor Emeritus of Finance and is director of Puglisi and Associates.  Don provides financial services to a variety of holding companies.

Ken Biederman—Professor of Finance.  He previously has served as Dean, State Treasurer of New Jersey, and CEO of two savings banks.

Jennifer “JJ” Davis—UD’s VP for Administration and former Cabinet Secretary and Director of the State of Delaware’s Office of Management.  JJ will provide some insight into the impact of the current economic crisis on Delaware’s economy. 

III. The meeting continued at the Blue and Gold Club, where David Brond, Vice President of Communications and Marketing, discussed “Brand Marketing at the University of Delaware.  

IV. At the Alumni Board’s afternoon session, Stacey Muzzi, the College’s Director of Development, discussed the guiding principles of President Harker’s Path to Prominence and provided some fundraising statistics and college priorities to support the Path to Prominence.  Linda Dunn, in Harry Cubit’s unavoidable absence, discussed the efforts of the College Support Committee and the items as indentified on the CSC handout. 

Other items discussed included the Alumni Forum and Reunion Weekend, scheduled for June 5-7; and a general discussion on UD efforts to advance its prominence. 

The next meetings are Thursday, May 21, 2009 and Dec. 10, 2009.

May 22, 2008

Attending:  Jennifer Baur, Harry Cubit, Andrew Hill, Ken Jones, Paul Marquez, Dennis Sheehy, Dan VanSciver, Ann Visalli, Dean Bobby Gempesaw, and Linda Dunn. 

At a luncheon held at noon, Provost Dan Rich made brief remarks to the joint college boards--the College Advisory Board and the Alumni Board.  At the luncheon’s conclusion, the Alumni Board adjourned to Lerner Hall to conduct its annual meeting.

I. President Ann Visalli provided opening remarks.  The minutes from the December 2007 meeting were approved.

II. Dean Gempesaw introduced the College’s new Development Director, Stacey Muzzi.  Stacey previously worked in Development in UD’s College of Arts and Science.  Prior to that, she was at George Washington University in Alumni Programs.  The dean also discussed what has happened in the College since the December meeting and made a brief presentation on enrollment trends and how the college student quality is increasing.  The group discussed the University’s strategic plan and asked questions on how that might affect the college. 

III. The Board reviewed and approved the final version of the new Alumni Board Members Expectations and Guidelines document that had been discussed at the December 2007 meeting.  The board unanimously supported the document in its efforts to further engage members and demonstrate their commitment. 

IV. President Visalli presented the name of Steven Pruitt as a candidate to replace the vacancy of Rick Skinner, whose three-year term expires June 30, 2008 and who chose not to renew due to changing priorities. Steven will be invited to the next meeting, scheduled for December 11, 2008.  A list of term expirations was included in the packet.  Ann Visalli has agreed to a one-year extension as President, with her new term expiring June 30, 2009.  Vice President Ken Jones has agreed to move into the role of President at that time.

V. The board discussed the role of the subcommittees.  Each subcommittee will select a chair.  The membership assignments were based upon individuals’ first and second choices.  A description of the role of each committee was provided in the packets that were distributed at the meeting, along with the term expirations of the individual board members.

VI. Development Director Stacey Muzzi provided an update on how opportunities to support named professorships and other academic initiatives are being determined.  Each college has been asked to develop a plan that will be reviewed by the Development Office team in the Fall.  More information will be forthcoming at the December meeting as to a more definitive development strategy for the future. 

VII. Open Forum:  A question arose as to whether the College had the appropriate equipment when hosting a meeting to enable someone offsite to participate.  The dean indicated that the College could accommodate this request, although members discussed the importance of attending in person.  Also, in response to a question regarding how alumni could find out about upcoming events, members may check this website dedicated to B&E alumni—  It is now possible from that page to see all student and faculty upcoming events as well.

VIII. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Dec 11, 2008.

December 6, 2007

Attending:  Cal Amir, Jennifer Baur, Liz Brenner, Andrew Hill, Ken Jones, Bob McNutt, Dennis Sheehy, Rick Skinner, Max Taytelbaum, Mike Thompson, Ann Visalli, Dean Bobby Gempesaw, and Linda Dunn. 

At a lunch held at noon, President Harker made brief remarks to the joint college boards--the College Advisory Board and the Alumni Board.  At the luncheon’s conclusion, the Alumni Board adjourned to Lerner Hall to conduct its annual meeting.  

I. President Ann Visalli provided opening remarks and gave a warm welcome to the Board’s newest member, Cal Amir. The minutes of the May 2007 meeting were approved.  

II. Dean Gempesaw provided an update on what has happened in the College since the May meeting.  He discussed enrollment trends, faculty hiring, the Exelon Trading Center, the status of the newly launched Executive Mentors-Scholars Program, and the recognition event for Professor Bob Schweitzer, the first recipient of the Donald J. Puglisi Professor of Finance.

III. The dean also presented his proposal to establish an Alumni Distinguished Professorship.  What would be unique about this particular professorship is that it would be funded by our alumni.  The intent is to identify a lead donor with the next step being to solicit other alumni to join in providing leadership gifts.  He indicated that he is confident that the alumni would provide the remaining amount to establish and endow the professorship.  The minimum amount needed is $350,000. 

VI. The Board members reviewed a proposed “Board Members Expectations” document.  Please send your comments to Linda Dunn.  We will present a final version for endorsement at the May 2008 meeting.  

VII. To better address the needs of the college with the support of the alumni, subcommittees within the Alumni Board were established:
a.       A membership committee.  Part of the responsibilities of this committee is to determine and recommend names to the whole board for vacancies and/or expanded seats.   b.      An awards committee: Responsibilities would include selecting Alumni Awards of Excellence recipients as well as potentially be part of the selection process for selected college faculty awards.          c.       The college support committee.  This committee could dovetail with the Advisory Board’s CSC and work on joint college initiatives.

Each alumni board member was asked to contact Linda Dunn to advise her of the #1, 2, and 3 preferences so that assignments could be made that are closely aligned with member preferences.

VIII. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 22, 2008.

May 4, 2007

In attendance:  Jennifer Baur, Liz Brenner, Harry Cubit, Ken Jones, Bob McNutt, Dennis Sheehy, Mike Thompson, Dan VanSciver, Bobby Gempesaw, Linda Dunn.  Guests included College Advisory Board members:  John Himes, Bill Iredale, Mike Lancellot, and Scott Somerville.  

In addition to this 12-1:30 timeslot, members were also invited to join the College Advisory Board general meeting from 11:00-12:00 on this same date.  At the 11:00 session, a presentation was made by Dr. Ajay Manrai, Marketing Professor and faculty director of the MBA program.  He discussed the “Lerner MBA Brand,” a strategic plan being developed to make UD’s MBA program unique and distinctive.   

Also, at the 11:00 session, the chairs of each of the Board’s subcommittees provided updates to the board on its initiatives.  These included the Faculty-In-Industry Residence Program, the Executive Mentors Scholars Program (of which some alumni board members are participating), College development efforts, and the announcement of a new Board Chair.  

John Himes, current Chair of the College Advisory Board, is stepping down upon completion of this term in July and Scott Somerville has agreed to become Chair.   

At the noon session:

I. Members discussed the “Lerner Brand.”  Everyone agreed that to have a focus that makes us distinctive was a good idea.  There are over 20 schools within a one-hour drive that compete with us for prospective MBA students.  Additional ideas were raised on how to further focus an MBA brand for consideration by the committee.

II. The Dean suggested an additional member with whom he met recently and who expressed an interest on being on the committee.  The Board unanimously endorsed his request to add this person. 

III. Open discussion items included recent activities in the college.

IV. The next meeting for the Alumni Board has been tentatively scheduled for December 6, 2007.  Meeting was adjourned at 1:30.

Dec. 8, 2006

In attendance: Jennifer Baur, Liz Brenner, Harry Cubit, Andrew Hill, Ken Jones, Paul Marquez, Bob McNutt, Dennis Sheehy, Rick Skinner, Mike Thompson, Dan VanSciver, Ann Visalli, Bobby Gempesaw, Linda Dunn. 

I. Ann Visalli, President of the Board, called the meeting to order.  She welcomed everyone, especially the new members, Jennifer, Liz, Harry, and Paul. 

II. Dean Gempesaw highlighted some of the College’s recent activities and accomplishments.  He also discussed the newly restructured Dean’s Advisory Board.  The Alumni Board conveyed their interest in working more closely with the College Advisory Board and in serving on one of the three Advisory Board’s subcommittees, which include the Business Community Subcommittee, the College Support subcommittee, and the Student Affairs Subcommittee.  The Alumni Board members felt that it was important to work closely with the Dean’s Advisory Board to avoid duplication of activity and to strengthen efforts. A joint meeting will be held in May with the two boards, with time allotted for subcommittee meetings to address issues and develop strategies.  Ann Visalli volunteered to work with Fred Sears to “map out” a plan for expanded involvement by the two boards. 

III. Linda Dunn stated that she would send everyone the Dean’s Advisory Board’s subcommittee listings and descriptions so that those who are interested in serving on the Dean’s Advisory Board subcommittees would be able to make a more informed decision as to which subcommittee might be of the most interest.  In addition, she is sending the various subcommittee agendas to Alumni board members so that they can see the major projects that the Dean would like to launch or expand in the near future.  She asked that if individuals are interested in specific subcommittees or projects being put forward that they let her know.

IV. Adjournment and thanks to everyone!!!

May 11, 2006

In attendance:  Ken Jones, Bob McNutt, Rick Skinner, Max Taytelbaum, Mike Thompson, Dan VanSciver, Ann Visalli, Michael Ginzberg, Linda Dunn Gloria Diodato, Amy Estey, Joyce Hart, Marcia Rollison, and Kate Foster.  

I. President Ann Visalli welcomed and introduced the members and guests.  The minutes of the last meeting were briefly discussed and then approved. 

II. College Update and Accomplishments Overview:  This was Dean Ginzberg’s last meeting as dean with the Alumni Board.  His presentation summarized the College’s major accomplishments and the areas of greatest progress during his tenure that included:
a. Enhanced size and quality of the undergraduate programs
b. Growth of the part-time professional degree programs
c. IT programs at graduate and undergraduate levels
d. Programs in Corporate Governance
e. Expansion of international programs and activity
f. Research environment and output
g. Expanded resource base

He also thanked the members of the alumni board for their renewed enthusiasm during his tenure as well as their exceptional support and initiatives.   

III. MBA efforts to recruit new MBA students and additional Graduate and Executive Programs initiatives.  Gloria Diodato discussed several ways that alumni could enhance our recruitment and program efforts.  Examples include being part of the prospective students’ Open-door Wednesday programs or possible lunchtime sessions, participating in the mentorship program or possible mock interviews, and thinking of UD for internships/corporate associates.  Those who wish to talk to her more about any of these opportunities are invited to call her at 302-831-2221.    Ann indicated at the meeting an interest in the mock interview concept.

IV. Undergraduate Programs.  Marcia Rollison and Joyce Hart updated the board on the newly launched Excel mentorship program (formerly called the Fortune program).  They also discussed a possible new skills development course for business majors that could involve alumni serving on panels in the course to discuss career options and/or skill development.  Some alumni participated this past Spring in Chris Kydd’s course.  Marcia also thanked the board for once again funding the annual honors day award, the Alumni Award, given to an outstanding student.  Those interested in serving as mentors or, on a broader basis, being involved as a speaker in a possible new skills development course for all undergraduate business majors, are encouraged to contact Marcia (831-2553) or Joyce Hart at 831-1813.   Mike Thompson said that he would volunteer to work with Chris Kydd on the Skills & Career development course.  

V. The College’s prestigious Awards of Excellence and Homecoming is coming up Saturday, October 14th.  Volunteers to serve on this committee included Dan VanSciver, Mike Thompson, and Ken Jones.  Chris Hogenmiller will be in touch with the committee members shortly.

VI. Recent and Upcoming Alumni Events:  Thanks to everyone who participated in the receptions in New York City and in Philadelphia.  The picnic is coming up on May 17th and the response looks great!  Mark Homecoming on your calendar~Oct. 14.

VII. Open forum and new business.  The alumni board thanked Dean Ginzberg for his support and guidance over the past 6 years.

Linda Dunn sent a letter to the board members asking if anyone wanted a “leave of absence” from their board responsibilities due to changing personal or work priorities.   As a result, four individuals have stepped down.  Our thanks and gratitude go to Barbara Diskin, Matt Scarborough, Dianne Leipold, and Jim Everett.  A motion to fill these vacancies was approved.  Ann and Dan will offer the positions to four people who are “in the wings” and wish to serve.  Names will again be provided once they accept.

VIII. The next meeting –October or November, 2006.  We will contact you w/ some dates shortly. 

IX. Adjournment and continued refreshments and eats!

October 19, 2005

In attendance: Barbara Diskin, Ken Jones, Bob McNutt, Dennis Sheehy, Karen Steele, Max Taytelbaum, Dan VanSciver, Ann Visalli, Michael Ginzberg, Catherine Sullivan, Linda Dunn, Davida Pitts, and student representatives Kerri Warner and Kathryn Marrone.   

1. President Ann Visalli welcomed the group and introduced two new members, undergraduate student Kerri Warner and MBA student Kathryn Marrone.  In addition, Davida Pitts from the Undergraduate Advising Office attended as a guest.  The graduate office representative was unable to attend.

2. The minutes of the March 2005 meeting were approved.

3. Dean Ginzberg presented an update and an overview of the past 5 years.  The PowerPoint presentation is attached.

4. The Business Plan Competition for 2006 was announced.  Scott Jones, Acct. & MIS, and Barry Williams, Small Business Development Center, provided information on last year’s competition and discussed plans for 2006.  If anyone is interested in becoming involved as a reader, judge, financial supporter, or can provide some assistance in other ways, contact Barry Williams at (302-831-4417) or Scott Jones at (302-831-8278).   In addition, you are invited to check out the website at

5. Plans are well underway for the development and construction of a College Financial Technology Center.  This facility will be housed in Purnell Hall and will be an advanced, high tech simulated trading room with financial market applications, accounting software, and real-time market data.  Catherine Sullivan, the College’s development director, discussed some details of this very important fundraising initiative and plans to share materials and numbers with the board as they become available.  Anyone with ideas, potential contacts for fundraising, and suggestions are invited to contact her at (302) 831-6270. 

6. We have received some inquiries from alumni interested in finding out more information on how they might be involved in the college or the board.  We will be following up with these people.  We will also reconfirm individuals’ interest in remaining on the board and determine a plan for implementing terms as defined in the by-laws.  All board members are invited to let Linda or Ann know if they are aware of any alumni who potentially might be interested in serving on the Alumni Board. 

7. Alumni board members are invited to attend as many of the college events as their schedules permit.  A listing was provided in the agenda and also available on the College website under news and events.

8. The next meeting will be held in March or April, pending member schedules.

9. President Visalli adjourned the meeting and thanked everyone for their interest and time in serving on this board.

March 23, 2005

In attendance:  Barbara Bates-Diskin, Ken Jones, Andrew Miller, Matt Scarborough, Dennis Sheehy, Max Taytelbaum, Ann Visalli, Linda Dunn, Michael Ginzberg, Chris Hogenmiller (part-time), and Catherine Sullivan

I.Ann Visalli, President of the Board, welcomed everyone.  Our guests, Gloria Diodato and Amy Estey (both from our College’s graduate division), were introduced.  Ann thanked Ken Jones for being the representative at the University’s Alumni Board meeting held recently.  The board also approved the September 2004 minutes.

II.Dean Ginzberg highlighted some of the recent College activities and accomplishments.  The College has been ranked in the top 100 schools by US News and World Report, a report done recently by the School of Management at the University of Texas at Dallas and by Entrepreneurship Magazine.  The dean also discussed international travel opportunities such as Bosnia and the recent EMBA trip to China, where there appears to be great employment potential for our graduate students.

III.Amy Estey, MBA programs, gave a presentation on volunteer opportunities in the MBA program.  They ranged from internship/mentorship opportunities to Habitat for Humanity and public service deeds.  The committee discussed the possibility of having the undergraduate office consider similar efforts and having someone from the undergraduate office designated to work with undergraduate internships.  The Board indicated an interest in having a representative from the undergraduate office join us at our fall meeting.

IV.Undergraduate Education Volunteer Opportunity:  Christine Kydd, Associate Professor in Business Administration, is teaching a “Freshman Experience” this spring.  Part of the course involves helping freshmen become aware of career opportunities and responsibilities in each of the areas of business—finance, operations management, management, and marketing management.  These students will be asked to declare their majors in one of these areas shortly.  She has asked for alumni volunteers to address her classes in May.  Several individuals volunteered to assist and Chris will be back in touch with them shortly.  Thank you—Barb, Max, Dan, and Bob.  Also, thanks to two other alumni, Debbie Brown and Alan Cohn.  Professor Kydd will be in touch with the volunteers right away.

V.Chris Hogenmiller, Dean’s Office, discussed this year’s plans for Homecoming (Oct. 8).  To provide greater visibility and increase attendance, the Awards of Excellence Ceremony is being moved from the afternoon to the morning, prior to the noon football game.  There will be a brunch following the ceremony, at which point everyone will have sufficient time to go to the game, home, or elsewhere.  Thanks to the following people who volunteered to be part of the selection committee—Dan, Barb, Max, Ken, and Andy Miller (with Dennis as an alternate!).  Chris will set something up for early June and will be touch with the members shortly.

VI. Catherine Sullivan, the College’s Development Director since January 2005, highlighted accomplishments, plans, and opportunities.  She indicated that she would be in touch with each member to gain their insight and perceptions.  In a nutshell, the 5 year (extended to 6) campaign will end this June, with $419 m being pledged, exceeding the $225 goal.  At the college level, the goal was $21 million, with $39m being pledged (87% increase over goal).

VII.The graduate and undergraduate assistant deans will be contacted to identify a graduate and an undergraduate student representative to join us at our meetings in the future.

VIII. Upcoming events include a picnic in May.  For those of you planning to be in the NYC area in April, you are invited to join us, too, at the NY Union League Club on April 27th.

IX.You will be receiving a separate e-mail asking you to comment on some suggested dates for a fall meeting so we can get that on the books as early as possible.

X. Adjournment and thanks to everyone!!!

September 23, 2004

Attending: Barbara Diskin, Ken Jones, Diane Leipold, Bob McNutt, Rick Skinner, Karen Steele, Dan VanSciver, Ann Visalli, Michael Ginzberg, Linda Dunn

Deans Update:  Mike Ginzberg discussed the recent partnership with the University of Sarajevo to develop an MBA program in Bosnia.  He also discussed efforts to expand the Executive Education offerings and the importance of customizing programs and targeting companies.  A discussion ensued regarding how the college might work toward enhancing its rankings with USNews and BusinessWeek.   The dean shared with the group that a public relations firm, RT&E, has been hired to help us address this issue.

Award Ceremony Update:  The recipients of the 2004 Alumni Awards of Excellence will be honored at this year’s homecoming at a 4pm. ceremony.  The recipients are:  David Freschman, Michael Lancellot, and Ann Visalli.  We hope that you can join us as we recognize three outstanding alumni. 

Undergraduate Subcommittee Report:  Bob McNutt (Chair) met with his committee to discuss the sponsorship program that is being developed in conjunction with a pilot freshman course being taught this spring by Chris Kydd, Assoc. Professor in Operations Management.  The intent is to match alumni with small groups of students for purposes of career information and development.  A panel discussion is also being proposed as part of the course. There is a large enough pool of alumni mentors for the spring course and this project will be implemented in Feb. 2005.  The staff member from the College’s undergraduate office, Joyce Hart, will be assisting with the coordination of this project. 

As an outcome of this presentation, the board discussed other possibilities as it relates to internships and a model exemplified by the existing Legislative Fellows Program in the graduate program in Public Policy.  Currently the undergraduate internship program is centralized in the University’s Career Services Center with no specific staff member (there or here) dedicated solely to business internships. 

Graduate Subcommittee Report: Mike Thompson has been working with Jack Baroudi, Associate Dean, to assess the MBA program needs.  Several opportunities have presented themselves, one of which relates to marketing research.  What are other schools doing better than us to attract MBA students?  For example, do students want initial class meetings with an option to complete some class assignments on-line to accommodate the professionals’ working schedules.  Should we be visiting or web-researching competitor schools to identify positive aspects of their programs and how/if we should address this?  As the specific needs get hammered out a little more definitively, Mike will be getting in touch with his committee members.  The committee members are:  Mike Thompson (Chair), Matt Scarborough, Karen Steele, and Max Taytelbaum.  Two non-members who had expressed an interest in working on MBA issues as needed are Damian Finio and Dan Haas. 

ByLaws   A copy of the new by-laws is forthcoming.  Minor changes in wording were made to a subsection as it relates to board vacancies and terms.  The changes were discussed and approved.  

New Web Site:  The College has launched Phase I of III of its new website.  It is designed to meet the needs of its increasing number of constituencies—the College’s current and prospective students, the media, our alumni, visitors and friends of the College, and the academic community.  Take a look and let us know what you think! 

Upcoming Events:  Events for the remainder of the semester as of September 23, 2004 include:  Homecoming tailgate and brunch; the Alumni Awards of Excellence Ceremony after the game; a reception for Philadelphia area alumni on October 20; the Tyler Lecture Series speaker, Mr. William Kupper, Jr., President and Publisher of BusinessWeek;  a second Tyler Lecture speaker, Ms. Elizabeth Browning, Founder and CEO of Lluminari, Inc. on Nov. 19th, and the College’s Holiday Party on Sunday, Dec. 4th (more to come!) 

The next meeting is being held on March 23, 2005. 


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