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Blue Hen Investment Club

The Blue Hen Investment Club is the University of Delaware's student-managed investment fund with over $1.5 million assets under management. It is open to students of all majors and experience that are willing to commit to managing a portion of the university's endowment. Over the years, the fund has created leaders who have found careers with financial institutions such as J.P. Morgan, Citigroup, UBS, and BlackRock. Meetings are held on Thursday nights at 5pm in the Lerner College Trading Center.

2013 Annual Report

Mission Statement

The mission of the Blue Hen Investment Club is to provide a valuable educational experience to its members by allowing them to manage a real dollar investment portfolio. By managing the portfolio and interacting with guest speakers, the members will learn about various aspects of finance and investing. Of equal importance is the development of strong analytical, decision-making, public speaking, and teamwork skills through the fund's weekly meetings, sector analysis, and financial modeling and valuation workshops.

Investment Philosophy

The Blue Hen Investment Club seeks to outperform the S&P 500 Index on a risk-adjusted basis. To achieve this goal, the fund takes a value-oriented approach to investing by identifying undervalued securities and taking positions in them. This process is consistent with a long-term approach to investing. Furthermore, the fund is committed to diversifying its portfolio between different sectors to capture the full breadth of opportunity in the markets but also to minimize the risk from a potential over-concentration of capital.

Organizational Structure

The fund is led by a five-person Executive Board, chaired by the BHIC President. The Executive Board appoints Sector Heads to lead the seven sectors that the fund is divided into. The investment fund is advised by Professor Richard Jakotowicz from the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics Department of Finance.

Selection Procedure

Students that are interested in becoming a part of the Blue Hen Investment Club must either be currently taking or have completed the one-credit course FINC-167 or pass the club's investments examination that is given on a case-by-casis basis. Additionally, applicants are required to submit a resume, personal statement, and sector preferences. After an initial round of screening, applicants may be asked to interview for their sector at the beginning of the fall or spring semester.

Executive Board

Name Position Graduating Year

David Sang

Biography | Email

President 2015

Phillip Flesch

Biography | Email

Vice President 2016

Jonathan Schwinn

Biography | Email

Economic Strategist 2015

Evgeniy Savov

Biography | Email

Portfolio Strategist/Secretary 2015

Club Members

Name Position Sector Graduating Year

Jonathan Vicari

Biography | Email

Sector Head Consumer Discretionary 2016
Eric Bunin Analyst Consumer Discretionary 2015
Ryan Fante Analyst Consumer Discretionary 2017
Jacob Fertell Analyst Consumer Discretionary 2017
Alec Miller Analyst Consumer Discretionary 2017
Jeremy Plamondon Analyst Consumer Discretionary 2016
William Visser Analyst Consumer Discretionary 2018

Nolan Fennelly

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Sector Head Consumer Staples 2015

Brenna Gleason

Biography | Email

Sector Head Consumer Staples 2017
Matthew Gordon Analyst Consumer Staples 2018
Zachary Keller Analyst Consumer Staples 2015
Colin Miller Analyst Consumer Staples 2017
Anthony Smiley Analyst Consumer Staples 2017
Fan Yang Analyst Consumer Staples 2015
Matthew Zehr Analyst Consumer Staples 2018

Kyle Lojek

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Sector Head Energy/Utilities 2016

Jacob Reynolds

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Sector Head Energy/Utilities 2014
Evan Budischak Analyst Energy/Utilities 2016
Frank Haendel Analyst Energy/Utilities 2017
John Haumersen Analyst Energy/Utilities 2016
Christopher Reed Analyst Energy/Utilities 2015
Joseph Sagsveen Analyst Energy/Utilities 2016

Joshua Carruthers

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Sector Head Financials 2017

Alec Fields

Biography | Email

Sector Head Financials 2015
John Benotti Analyst Financials 2018
Eryn Johnson Analyst Financials 2016
Nikolay Savov Analyst Financials 2015
Ted Walker Analyst Financials 2017
Anthony Zdrojewski Analyst Financials 2017

Bradley Collins

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Sector Head Healthcare 2015

Patrick Cydylo

Biography | Email

Sector Head Healthcare 2015
Zachary Boyer Analyst Healthcare 2016
Brian Keefe Analyst Healthcare 2015
Zongyuan Li Analyst Healthcare 2018
Luke Malone Analyst Healthcare 2017
Michael Nittolo Analyst Healthcare 2016
Jacob Perrone Analyst Healthcare 2017
Julian Schulder Analyst Healthcare 2016

Michael Gunderson

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Sector Head Industrials/Materials 2015
James Baxter Analyst Industrials/Materials 2016
Darien Bouzakis Analyst Industrials/Materials 2016
Michael Hession Analyst Industrials/Materials 2015
Rory Smith Analyst Industrials/Materials 2017
Jeffrey Sowden Analyst Industrials/Materials 2016
Xiaobai You Analyst Industrials/Materials Graduate

William Cobb

Biography | Email

Sector Head Technology/Telecom 2015

Ganggas Harjianto

Biography | Email

Sector Head Technology/Telecom 2017
James Celia Analyst Technology/Telecom 2015
Shlok Desai Analyst Technology/Telecom 2018
Matthew Hahn Analyst Technology/Telecom 2017
Conor Peaks Analyst Technology/Telecom 2016
Matthew Sobel Analyst Technology/Telecom 2017
Rees Tillotson Analyst Technology/Telecom 2018


The Lerner College is home to a state-of-the-art financial trading facility, the $1.5 million student-led Blue Hen Investment Club, a student-managed restaurant and hotel, a high-technology development center of a global bank and a start-up experience for students with new business ideas.

Lerner College faculty - like Meryl Gardner, whose research on foods and moods was recently published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology - are thought leaders who command attention from influential business audiences, economists and policy makers.

All Lerner College departments offer discovery learning experiences and emphasize data-based analytics to enrich the student experience. Here, students at Vita Nova, our award-winning restaurant run through HRIM, joined professional chefs and winemakers in hosting a 2014 Mid-Atlantic Wine and Food Festival event.

The Institute for Financial Services Analytics is a collaboration between the Lerner College, UD's College of Engineering and JPMorgan Chase, and hosts events for academics and the business community designed to address consumer analytics and industry applications.

Undergraduate scholarships, made possible through the generosity of alumni and friends, enable us to support promising scholars. Here, Delaware Gov. Jack Markell and his mother, Leni Markell, join recipients of the William Markell Scholarship (center), which benefits students in Accounting and MIS.

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