John L. Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance

2012 Media Coverage

Charles Elson, director of the Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance, has been quoted in the following:

12/27 2012 Chief Executive Personal Use of Corporate Jets: A Call For the End of this High Flying Corporate Perk
12/14 2012 Marketplace UBS targeted in interest-rate rigging scandal
12/14 2012 Marketplace What are corporate boards for?
12/11 2012 Wall Street Journal Freeport’s $20 Billion Deal Stirs Backlash
12/07 2012 Investor’s Business Daily Netflix’s SEC Run-In Outlines Disclosure’s Gray Area
12/03 2012 Agenda A Study Links Expert Directors to Value
12/03 2012 Financial Times Murdoch true to form in bringing change
11/30 2012 Charlotte Observer Some say panel went too far in Duke deal
11/30 2012 National Legal and Policy Center Jim Rogers to Leave Duke Energy After Merger Fiasco
11/30 2012 Chicago Tribune Harris: Groupon’s Andrew Mason faces questions about his future as CEO
11/29 2012 Charlotte Business Journal Regulators shake up Duke Energy: Rogers retiring, two execs replaced
11/29 2012 UDaily Future of corporate governance
11/29 2012 The New York Times A Clash of Auditors in H.P. Deal and Loss
11/26 2012 Agenda Companies Still in Limbo on Conflict Minerals and Extraction
11/23 2012 Financial Times Hewlett-Packard: Down in the valley
11/19 2012 Agenda Investors’ Focus Shifts to Board Composition
11/15 2012 UDaily Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance announces new advisory board members
11/15 2012 CFO Whose Company Is It?
11/14 2012 Corporate Governance Weinberg Center Announces Advisory Board
11/13 2012 Wall Street Journal Lines Blur Over Wife’s Use of CEO’s Jets
11/09 2012 UDaily Director-shareholder engagement
11/06 2012 Palm Beach Post Office Depot continues to lose money as a activist stockholder adds to its holdings
11/05 2012 Dow Jones Netflix Board Adopts Anti-Takeover Plan
10/29 2012 Agenda Directors Are Leery of a Say-on-Board-Pay Vote
10/26 2012 St. Louis Post The high price of Missouri History
10/25 2012 Wall Street Journal When Searching for a CEO, There’s No Place Like Home
10/22 2012 Human Resource Executive The Trouble with Benchmarks
10/22 2012 Agenda ISS Issues Draft Policies for Proxy Season
10/21 2012 The Philadelphia Inquirer N. Phila. hospital chair’s role in management raises eyebrows
10/19 2012 Chicago Business No more secrets: What’s ailing ITW’s CEO?
10/19 2012 Financial Times Google panic over results bungle
10/16 2012 Fox Business Messy Breakup Ends Citi’s Rocky Relationship With Vikram Pandit
10/15 2012 Financial Times Murdoch hopes for peaceful annual meeting
10/15 2012 The UD Review Business reps. talk shareholdings, communication
10/13 2012 The News Journal Experts debate power held by shareholders
10/12 2012 Mercury News Bad news for boards: That superstar CEO you just hired will probably fail
10/10 2012 E-Commerce Times Board’s Bonus Slight a Wake-up Call for Ballmer: Get Innovating
10/10 2012 Directors & Boards Dual-class stock:Governance at the edge
10/10 2012 CNN Money Wall Street pay back near pre-recession highs
10/08 2012 Financial News Peer pressure feeds the pay spiral
10/08 2012 Agenda Governance Proposals Receive a Jump in Support This Year
10/08 2012 Agenda Is Pay Benchmarking Gradually Falling Out of Favor?
10/07 2012 Baltimore Sun CEO pay rises at most local public companies
10/03 2012 World-Herald Bureau Bob Kerrey finds post-Senate life lucrative
10/02 2012 Compliance Week Peer Pressure: Is Benchmarking to Blame for Runaway CEO Pay?
10/02 2012 Corporate Counsel Time to Abolish Peer Grouping in Determining Executive Pay?
10/02 2012 TIME Executive Pay: Is “I’ll Have What He’s Having” Really the Best Approach?
10/01 2012 Financial News Benchmark maths generates endless rise in high pay
10/01 2012 Agenda IBM’s CEO Adds Chairman Position
10/01 2012 Agenda Study Questions Retention Power of CEO Pay; Investors Want Board Members to Reach Out
10/01 2012 Agenda Why Do Unpopular Directors Stay On?
09/28 2012 Wall Street Journal BofA’s Brief Golden Age of Governance Changes
09/28 2012 Wall Street Journal BofA Takes New Crisis-Era Hit
09/28 2012 Bloomberg BofA to Pay $2.43 Billion to End Shareholder Suit Over Merrill
09/27 2012 NBC News Lavish CEO pay doesn’t work as intended: study
09/27 2012 Puget Sound Business Journal Corporate governance scholar weighs in on First Financial NW-Stilwell proxy battle
09/26 2012 Bloomberg IBM’s Rometty Completes Ascent, Adds Chairman Role


2012 The New York Times DealBook Morning Agenda
09/24 2012 CNBC CEO’s Pay to Stay Myth Debunked: Study
09/24 2012 UDaily UD corporate governance professor, fellow issue study on executive pay
09/22 2012 The New York Times C.E.O.’s and the Pay-’Em-or-Lose-’Em Myth
09/21 2012 The Drum James Murdoch faces renewed calls to resign from BSkyB and News Corp boards
09/20 2012 The Daily Telegraph Ofcom attack on James Murdoch throws his future into doubt
09/19 2012 The Financial Times FSA warned Barclays over Diamond
09/19 2012 The Guardian News Corp shareholders in US want to sue over phone hacking scandal
09/13 2012 Vandeberg Johnson & Gandara, LLP-Blog What in the World is a Fiduciary?
09/10 2012 Bloomberg Navistar Criticizes Icahn’s ‘Unproductive Tactics’
09/04 2012 Bloomberg P&G Directors Face Own Challenges While Keeping Tabs on McDonald
09/01 2012 Financial Executive International Doing Something Right: Focusing on Exceptional Boards
08/30 2012 The Palm Beach Post Shares in movie effects company Digital Domain plunge, CEO tells SEC he wants to buy company
08/28 2012 REUTERS Big mutual funds split with management at Citigroup, JPMorgan
08/24 2012 REUTERS Bank of America names four new directors
08/23 2012 Bloomberg BofA Names Ex-Deloitte Chairman Allen Among 4 New Directors
08/23 2012 REUTERS UPDATE 2-Investor sues Sirius board for not fighting Liberty’s control
08/22 2012 REUTERS Facebook’s director in spotlight after cashing out
08/20 2012 Wall Street Journal Wall Street’s Cleaner Image Pauses for a Fresh Scandal
08/13 2012 Delaware Online Competition puts Teens at Companies’ Helms
08/13 2012 Agenda For Self-Evaluation, Do Boards Prefer Consultants to Questionnaires?
08/03 2012 Marketplace Business Hedge Funds Eye Proctor & Gamble
08/01 2012 Corporate Counsel The 2012 GC Compensation Survey
07/29 2012 North County Times Fact Check: Romney Met Bain Partners After Exit
07/27 2012 Bloomberg SEC May Require More Cyber Risk Disclosures Under Senate Bill
07/25 2012 The Seattle Times FACT CHECK: Romney-Bain contacts outlasted exit
07/24 2012 THEDRUM Riddle as Google CEO Larry Page loses his voice; investors want to know more
07/24 2012 Wall Street Journal Citi’s Hands On Chairman
07/23 2012 Business Journal NC regulators may want Jim Rogers out at Duke Energy
07/23 2012 Agenda A Ruling May Deter Whistle-Blowers Abroad
07/23 2012 Mercury News Google’s Page Still Not Talking; Prompting Questions
07/19 2012 Venture funding slips; Palo Alto Networks set for IPO; more
07/19 2012 San Jose Mercury News Yahoo Pays New CEO Marissa Mayer $59 Million
07/18 2012 The Boston Globe Few rules govern leaves like Mitt Romney’s
07/17 2012 Reuters Exclusive: Chesapeake Board Changes Could Trigger Bonus Windfall for Many
07/16 2012 NPR Romney Responds to Obama’s Bain Capital Charges
07/16 2012 Mercury News Yahoo, HP, PG&E Showered Departing Execs with Millions
07/16 2012 Mercury News Apple’s Tim Cook Leads Bay Area CEOs in Pay
07/16 2012 CNBC JPMorgan Breaks New Ground on ‘Clawback’ Front
07/10 2012 Bloomberg Duke’s Rogers to Explain CEO Changes to North Carolina
07/09 2012 Corporate Counsel Corporate Directors on the Firing Line
07/09 2012 Crain’s Business Chicago Every boss needs a boss, even the CEO
07/09 2012 Business 2 Community Has News Corp’s Board Restored Confidence?
07/09 2012 New York Times Duke Energy Power Play Provokes an Uproar
07/07 2012 REUTERS UPDATE 4-North Carolina agencies investigating Duke Energy CEO shuffle
07/06 2012 REUTERS Ex-Progress director slams Duke Energy CEO shuffle
07/03 2012 CEO Jim Rogers retains control at Duke Energy
07/03 2012 Bloomberg News Corp.’s Internal Hacking Probers Confuse Skeptics
06/30 2012 The News Journal Pencader Rebuilding Boards
06/26 2012 The Los Angeles Times Sheryl Sandberg Becomes Facebook Board’s First Female Member
06/25 2012 The Washington Post CEO Pay Continues to Climb in Washington Area
06/25 2012 The News Observer N.C. CEO’s See Higher Pay – Some Despite Losses for Shareholders
06/25 2012 Cincinatti Executive Pay Increases with Shareholder Confidence
06/21 2012 Financial Times Supreme Court Deals Blow to Unions
06/21 2012 The Wall Street Journal Chesapeake Names New Chairman, Directors
06/19 2012 CRAIN’S Groupon keeps debut annual meeting under wraps
06/19 2012 The Washington Post University of Virginia’s difficult leadership transition
06/18 2012 New York Times C.E.O. Pay Is Rising Despite the Din
06/13 2012 Fox Business Despite Resistance, Boards Shift Toward Breaking Up CEO, Chair Roles
06/12 2012 REUTERS Chesapeake CEO losing a title, but keeping powers
06/07 2012 New York Times Once Reticent Investors Join Shareholder Revolts
06/05 2012 New York Times Wal-Mart Vote Shows Rise in Shareholder Unrest
06/04 2012 Bloomberg Businessweek Wal-Mart CEO Duke Gets 87% Votes for Board Re-Election
06/04 2012 Houston Chronicle Shake-Up and Mandate for Chesapeake
06/04 2012 Business Report Wal-Mart chief commits to ethical actions as bribery charges cast doubt
06/04 2012 The City Wire Wal-Mart shareholders: low confidence with execs
06/01 2012 The Bottom Line Wal-Mart’s annual meeting dogged by investor anger
06/01 2012 Bloomberg Wal-Mart CEO Duke Defends Retailer Amid Bribery Probe
05/28 2012 CNBC Goldman’s Board Changes: Good Governance or Good PR?
05/26 2012 Detroit Free Press General Motors: Executive Didn’t Know About 600k Deal With Wife’s Advertising Agency
05/26 2012 The New York Times A Director With Irons in Many Fires
05/26 2012 Charlotte Observer Execs’ Pay Still Hefty, Rising
05/25 2012 Marketplace Business Apple CEO’s Public Relations Dividend
05/25 2012 AP Business Typical CEO made $9.6M last year, AP study finds
05/22 2012 Compliance Week Balancing Ethical Principals
05/21 2012 Bloomberg Chesapeake Director’s Firm Paid $343 Million Amid Ties
05/21 2012 Chicago Business Michael Ferro’s dealings with Merge Healthcare raise questions
05/20 2012 Los Angeles Times Facebook shareholders are wedded to the whims of Mark Zuckerberg
05/20 2012 Palm Beach Post Record hikes in executive compensation in 2011 dwarf raises of average workers
05/19 2012 Bloomberg Businessweek Chesapeake Cuts Board Pay 20%, Halts Free Plane Flights
05/18 2012 Indianapolis Star CEOs find they’re on the hot seat
05/18 2012 Bloomberg Ackman Sends Wake-Up Call to Sleepy Canada Boardrooms
05/17 2012 REUTERS Exclusive: Goldman’s God problem goes away, for now
05/17 2012 San Francisco Gate Questions about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg
05/16 2012 Bloomberg Murdoch Made Brooks a Priority in His Scandal as Did Prosecutors
05/15 2012 Wall Street Journal For Goldman’s P.R. Chief, the Work Is Cut Out
05/15 2012 Reuters Avon shares fall 10 percent after Coty withdraws offer
05/14 2012 USA Today CEOs stumble over ethics violations, mismanagement
05/14 2012 MarketWatch Yahoo faces tough search for new leader
05/14 2012 MRP News Best Buy founder Schulze steps down in wake of CEO investigation
05/14 2012 UDaily Woolard Fellow presents research, ignites debate at Weinberg Center event
05/14 2012 MinnPost Founder Richard Schulze is latest Best Buy casualty
05/14 2012 Bloomberg Best Buy’s Schulze to Step Down as Chairman After Probe
05/13 2012 Delaware Online UD paper stirs debate over executive pay
05/10 2012 Wall Street Journal Coffee Mogul Defends Loans
05/09 2012 Wall Street Journal As It Buffs Image, Goldman Cracks Door On Client Events
05/09 2012 Delaware Business Court Insider Glasscock, Chandler Discuss CEO Compensation at University of Delaware Conference
05/07 2012 Wall Street Journal Yahoo Probes CEO’s Hiring
05/07 2012 Corporate Counsel CA Pension Fund Sues Wal-Mart Following Bribery Allegations
05/05 2012 Sacramento Bee CalSTRS to oppose Wal-Mart directors over Mexico bribery scandal
05/05 2012 CNET News Facebook IPO: A bet on ‘King’ Zuck
05/04 2012 Wall Street Journal UPDATE: Argentine Names Former Schlumberger Executive To Run YPF
05/04 2012 Bloomberg Businessweek Yahoo CEO faces calls for ouster after inaccuracy
05/02 2012 Chicago Tribune Accretive Health plans to bar media from shareholder meeting
05/01 2012 The Telegraph Could this be the final edition of the Murdoch story?
05/01 2012 Bloomberg Businessweek Chesapeake’s McClendon to give up chairman post
05/01 2012 Washington Post What the News Corp. board needs to do now, following report’s critique of Murdoch’s leadership
04/27 2012 Delaware Online Hear the experts weigh in on executive compensation
04/27 2012 UDaily Typical CEO Made $9.6 Million Last Year
04/27 2012 Detroit News GM’s Akerson trails Big 3 peers in pay
04/26 2012 Fortune J&J board faces growing dissent
04/26 2012 Minnesota Public Radio Some shareholders call for companies to disclose
04/25 2012 NPR Bribery Accusations Hurt Wal-Mart’s Stock Price
04/24 2012 Bloomberg Businessweek Groupon Is Said to Seek New Directors After Restatement
04/23 2012 Reuters Exclusive: CEO’s sales of well stakes raise questions at Chesapeake
04/23 2012 Bloomberg Businessweek Wal-Mart Said to Be Subject of U.S. Criminal Probe
04/22 2012 Financial Times BTG set to be one of Brazil’s biggest IPOs
04/21 2012 Bloomberg Businessweek Best Buy’s Dunn May Be Able to Get $3.35 Million Package
04/20 2012 UDaily Dual versus single
04/19 2012 Reuters Blame Citigroup for rejection of Pandit’s pay: Elson
04/19 2012 Reuters Analysis: Best Buy not a good buy to value investors
04/19 2012 Wall Street Journal Chesapeake Draws Shareholder Ire
04/19 2012 New York Times In Latest Pay Rebuke, Investor to Oppose Goldman Director
04/19 2012 Financial Times Gas chief’s $1.1bn loans spark concern
04/19 2012 Bloomberg Bank Owing U.S. $935 Million Has CEO Family Bad Debts: Mortgages
04/18 2012 Minnesota Public Radio Investigating the CEO is about protecting the company
04/18 2012 Reuters Analysis: Citi’s pay rejection a wake-up call to boards
04/17 2012 Bloomberg Businessweek Why Warren Buffett Revealed He Has Prostate Cancer
04/17 2012 CNN Money Shareholders reject $15 million pay raise for Citigroup’s CEO
04/14 2012 Los Angeles Times CBS’ Leslie Moonves tops media pay scale at $69.9 million  
04/14 2012 Barron’s What Becomes of Beleaguered Legend Sony?
04/13 2012 Bloomberg Google Stock Plan Irks Governance Watchdogs
04/13 2012 EUROINVESTOR Google stock split structured to keep outsiders at bay
04/13 2012 Bloomberg Businessweek S&P 500 Caps Biggest Weekly Decline in 2012 on Economy
04/13 2012 CNBC The Dictators of Silicon Valley: Facebook, Google Stripping Shareholders of Power
04/13 2012 CFO Journal The Morning Ledger: Google Founders’ Power Play
04/12 2012 Wall Street Journal Best Buy Probes CEO Relationship
04/12 2012 Bloomberg Businessweek Google Proposes Changing Stock Structure to Keep Control
04/12 2012 Reuters Best Buy to take 6-9 months to name new CEO  
04/12 2012 Reuters Analysis: Groupon accounting problems put spotlight on board
04/04 2012 Reuters Analysis: Ackman wears many crowns in Burger King deal
04/04 2012 Wall Street Journal Goldman’s New ‘Lead’ Man
03/30 2012 St. Louis Post Every director, every year: It’s time to give shareholders full voting rights
03/29 2012 New York Times A Strategy to Vote Dead Shares
03/28 2012 CNBC Goldman’s Board Changes: Good Governance or Good PR?
03/27 2012 Sustainable Business Forum Bridging Board Gaps – Study Group on Corporate Boards
03/27 2012 UDaily April 12, May 8: Corporate governance panels
03/27 2012 Bloomberg Bats CEO Cedes Chairman Role as Board Said to Delay IPO
03/23 2012 Corporate Counsel Weighing the Arguments For and Against Staggered Boards
03/22 2012 New York Times CME Board to Shrink — to 30 Directors
03/17 2012 Reuters Exclusive: Goldman’s God problem goes away, for now
03/16 2012 Reuters FEATURE-Avon Ladies see need for complete company makeover
03/16 2012 Bloomberg Buffett Awards Wall Street-Sized Pay Praised by Dimon
03/14 2012 New York Times Public Exit From Goldman Raises Doubt Over a New Ethic
03/14 2012 Think Progress Goldman Sachs Insider Resigns, Reveals ‘Toxic’ Culture In Which Managers Called Clients ‘Muppets’
03/09 2012 Financial Times El Paso shareholders approve Kinder tie-up
03/05 2012 Chicago Tribune In business, sometimes leaving a job for personal reasons is just that
03/02 2012 Deadline UPDATE: Sumner Redstone Will Attend Viacom Annual Meeting After All
03/02 2012 Bloomberg Goldman Criticized by Judge on Kinder Morgan Deal Conflicts
02/29 2012 UDaily Governance expert Ann C. Mulé appointed associate director
02/28 2012 Wall Street Journal Behind a CEO’s Departure: An Ouster or Resignation?
02/24 2012 Bloomberg Apple CEO Cook Signals New Era in Heeding Shareholder Concerns
02/22 2012 Reuters Analysis: Goldman’s top brass gun for cash bonuses
02/22 2012 Bloomberg Businessweek Avon Board Said to Debate Firing Jung Before Keeping as Chairman
02/16 2012 Bloomberg Businessweek Merger Lawsuits Yield Cash for Lawyers, Zero for You
02/16 2012 Bloomberg When Merger Suits Enrich Only Lawyers
02/15 2012 Time Facebook Slammed Again Over Zuckerberg’s “Autocratic” Control
02/14 2012 Pensions & Investments Employee at Proxy Adviser ISS Accused of Selling Confidential Data
02/12 2012 Telegraph Rupert Murdoch Faces Revolt From Angry Sun staff
02/09 2012 Bloomberg Kinder Morgan’s El Paso Buyout Tainted By Conflicts, Lawyer Says
02/07 2012 Fox Business Micron Aces Difficult CEO Transition Test
02/07 2012 Reuters Facebook Governance a Concern for California Pension Fund
02/06 2012 Wall Street Journal H-P to Put Proxy-Access Proposal to Vote
02/05 2012 Omaha World Herald Call it Zuckerberg Inc.
02/04 2012 Minneapolis Star Tribune 3M Execs are Cutting Costs, But Flying High
02/04 2012 Telegraph Warning Over Facebook Structure
02/03 2012 Chicago Tribune Aon to Bar Media From Shareholder Meeting on Move to London
02/02 2012 New York Times Mark Zuckerberg Remains the Undisputed Boss at Facebook
02/02 2012 Bloomberg Facebook Seeks to Raise Up to $5 Billion in Biggest IPO on Record
02/02 2012 Bloomberg Zuckerberg Controlling 57% of FB Seen as Risk
02/01 2012 Harvard Business Review Compensation and the Myth of the Corporate Superstar
02/01 2012 BBC Business Daily Private Equity Under Attack
01/31 2012 Community Pub UD Expert Earns Spot in Ethisphere Institute’s 100 Most Influential People
01/27 2012 Los Angeles Times Viacom Executives Again Among America’s Highest Paid
01/27 2012 UDaily UD Corporate Governance Expert Elson Named in Ethisphere’s Top 100
01/24 2012 Ethisphere 2011: 100 Most Influential People In Business Ethics
01/23 2012 Agenda Adopting Proxy Access: A Smart Defense?
01/23 2012 Agenda A Court Requires Comp Committee Rotation
01/23 2012 Delaware Online UD Prof is Among the Best In Business Ethics
01/19 2012 Reuters BofA May Pay Staff in Shares, With Eye On Capital
01/19 2012 Wall Street Journal When Profits Can Take a Back Seat to Doing Good
01/11 2012 Financial Times Investors Embrace Activist Role
01/11 2012 Financial Times Three Carlyle Founders Shared $413m Last Year

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