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International Business with Language

The minor in International Business with Language requires completion of the 18 credits required for the minor in International Business plus completion of at least two courses at the 200-level taught in the language of choice for a total of 24 credits. Students selecting the International Business Minor with Language may count one language course as part of the nine credits of International and Region Studies courses; however, only courses taught in the language of choice count toward the minor. Students are encouraged to incorporate a short-term study abroad program into their course of study, especially a Foreign Language and Literatures program to a country that speaks the student's target language.

Students seeking a minor in International Business may take only one of the required International Business and Economics Courses at another institution unless advanced permission is granted for credit earned in residential study-abroad courses. 


  1. International Business and Economics Courses Credits: 9 credits
    ​(The nine credits must be passed with a minimum grade of C- or better). 
    ACCT 395* Seminar: International Accounting
    BUAD 384 Global Business Environment
    BUAD 386 International Business Management
    BUAD 391* Seminar on International Management
    BUAD 393* Seminar on International Marketing Management
    BUAD 394* Seminar on International Operations Management
    BUAD 425 Current Issues in Global Business
    BUAD 475 International Marketing
    ECON 340* International Economic Relations
    FINC 392* Seminar on International Financial Management
    FINC 415 Finance Seminar: International Finance
    *These courses only offered overseas during Winter Session
  2. Nine credits must be taken from the following courses (no more than ONE course can be taken in a department): 
    ANTH 101, 230, 255, 261, 269, 316, 324, 325, 330, 333, 375, 441, 443, 444 PHIL 204
    ECON 311, 340, 441, 443, 444 POSC 240, 310, 363, 408, 448, 463
    FREC 401 SOCI 328
    GEOG 120, 210, 236, 422 Foreign Language Course (107 or higher)
    HIST 103, 104  
  3. Six credits must be taken at the 200-level or above in the same foreign language. (Only courses taught in the language of choice count toward the minor). 
    __________________  _____  _____  FOREIGN LANGUAGE COURSE (200+ Level)
    __________________  _____  _____  FOREIGN LANGUAGE COURSE (200+ Level)

Application Process & Eligibility 
Application for the Minor in Business Administration may be submitted online through UDSIS and are reviewed at the end of the second week of the fall and spring semesters. 
Only open to majors in Lerner College (excluding Economics)

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