Department of Economics

Course Listing

Course Number Course Title Credits
ECON100 Economic Issues and Policies 3 Hrs
ECON101 Introduction to Microeconomics: Prices and Markets 3 Hrs
ECON102 Civics and Economics for Teachers 3 Hrs
ECON103 Introduction to Macroeconomics: The National Economy 3 Hrs
ECON251 Managerial Economics 3 Hrs
ECON255 Intermediate Microeconomics and Public Policy 3 Hrs
ECON300 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory 3 Hrs
ECON301 Quantitative Microeconomic Theory 3 Hrs
ECON303 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory 3 Hrs
ECON308 Banking and Monetary Policy 3 Hrs
ECON311 Economics of Developing Countries 3 Hrs
ECON315 Economic History of Colonial America 3 Hrs
ECON316 Economic History of the United States 3 Hrs
ECON317 Latin American Economics 3 Hrs
ECON320 Energy Economics 3 Hrs
ECON332 Economics of Government Spending and Taxation 3 Hrs
ECON333 Current Readings in Economics 3 Hrs
ECON340 International Economics 3 Hrs
ECON341 Environment of Multinational Corporations 3 Hrs
ECON343 Environmental Economics 3 Hrs
ECON350 Economics of Entrepreneurship 3 Hrs
ECON360 Government Regulation of Business 3 Hrs
ECON364 Economics in Practice 3 Hrs
ECON366 Independent Study 1-6 Hrs
ECON381 Economics of Human Resources 3 Hrs
ECON385 Women and the Economy 3 Hrs
ECON390 Economics of Healthcare 3 Hrs
ECON393 Urban Economics 3 Hrs
ECON406 Economics of Information and Uncertainty 3 Hrs
ECON408 Economics of Law 3 Hrs
ECON410 Economics of Financial Markets 3 Hrs
ECON415 Economic Forecasting 3 Hrs
ECON418 Economic History of American Labor Markets 3 Hrs
ECON419 Economics of the Great Depression 3 Hrs
ECON422 Econometric Methods and Models I 3 Hrs
ECON423 Econometric Methods and Models II 3 Hrs
ECON426 Mathematical Economic Analysis 3 Hrs
ECON430 Topics in Macroeconomic Theory 3 Hrs
ECON433 Economics of the Public Sector 3 Hrs
ECON435 Contemporary Macroeconomic Policy 3 Hrs
ECON436 Seminar in Public Policy Economics 3 Hrs
ECON441 International Trade 3 Hrs
ECON443 International Monetary Economics 3 Hrs
ECON444 Economics of Environmental Management 3 Hrs
ECON460 Strategic Behavior of Firms 3 Hrs
ECON463 The Economics of Regulation 3 Hrs
ECON465 Transportation Economics 3 Hrs
ECON466 Independent Study 1-6 Hrs
ECON468 Internet Economics 3 Hrs
ECON471 Futures and Options Markets 3 Hrs
ECON483 Economics of Labor Markets 3 Hrs
ECON490 Economics of Health Policy 3 Hrs

The Lerner College is home to a state-of-the-art financial trading facility, the $1.4 million student-led Blue Hen Investment Fund, a student-managed restaurant and hotel, a high-technology development center of a global bank and a start-up experience for students with new business ideas.

Lerner College faculty - like Anu Sivaraman, who is among Social Media Marketing Magazine’s “Top 100 Marketing Professors on Twitter” and’s “Top 50 Marketing Professors on Twitter” - are thought leaders who command attention from influential business audiences, economists and policy makers.

All Lerner College departments offer experience-driven learning and emphasize evidence-based analytics methods to enrich the student experience. Here, finance students visit New York City’s financial districts for a first-hand look at markets trading and to meet with UD alumni.

Charles W. Horn, AS75, and wife Patricia, recently made a $3 million commitment to enhance and expand entrepreneurial studies.

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