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Spring 2015

WEEK 1  Dylan Nunn

Dylan happened to have his shift on the night that a pipe burst in the lobby early in the day.  As you can imagine things were a little confusing.  While he was checking in at the desk for the shift and guest needed assistance and without hesitation, Dylan jumped right in.  He was so productive and spot on all night in the restaurant.  He took orders, ran food without being reminded, room service and so on.  He had a great personality and was very professional with the guests.  He even stayed late to finish up some room service orders.  Dylan is definitely STUDENT OF THE WEEK worthy!



Erin Raphael

Erin worked the bistro on an extremely busy Saturday night.  It had been snowing all afternoon and no one wanted to leave the hotel so they all came done to the restaurant.  We got slammed and Erin was eager to help and learn.  The server, Diane, had shown her how to work Starbucks and thank God she did!  Nonstop people kept coming over for drinks.  Erin had never worked as a server before but picked up quickly.  She was engaging and had good rapport with the guests.  When Diane was too busy to do room service, Erin took over and not only did a great job, but she plated desserts and moved around the restaurant like she had been doing this forever.  A JOB WELL DONE!



WEEK 2  Ian MacFayden

After completing fosse training, this student asked if they could observe how the check in and check out process went.  He wanted to get a feel before his first shift. He offered to finish the agents call around and helped a guest with an issue they were having on the computer with scanning documents.  He shows great enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and that is why this week student of the week goes to Ian MacFayden.




WEEK 3  Emily Barbey

A+++ help.  This student worked the front desk and learned the c/in process right of the bat.  The front desk agent had 80 arrivals and knowing he would need help, the student jumped right in.  There also ended up being an issue with a guest in the restaurant that the student resolved making sure the guest left happy.  She ran room service, helped with houseman duties and took reservations.  She was all over the place with a great attitude and a never ending smile.  Congratulations to this week’s student of the week - Emily Barbey



WEEK 4  Brittany Kirnum

This student was all over the place, but in a good way.  It was a nonstop busy shift and not only did she help with the check-ins and guests, but she was in the restaurant helping with room service.  Very detailed with her room inspections.  Went as far as helping Omar with some alarm issues with Simplex.  She showed veteran poise, quick decision making and was consistently friendly. This week’s student of the week is Brittany Kirnum.




WEEK 6  Oliver Emsallem

During his MOD shift, this student recognized that some guests need help finding Clayton Hall.  Instead of just giving them directions or pointing to the exit door, he took it a step further and walked them straight to the front doors of Clayton Hall.  With the craziness of the parking lot right now, he also helped direct guests around to find a spot and how to exit to hotel.  There were a few guests who got upset with parking and he calmed them down and showed real professionalism.  Numerous guests commented on how much of an asset he is to the hotel and this is what we strive for with our employees.  Congratulations to this week’s student of the week, Oliver Emsallem.


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