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Sydney Blissick

While Manager on Duty earlier this week, Sydney was vital to the hotel’s success on a sold-out night. With four rooms available, but two of them needing to be cleaned due to early departures, the Front Desk was presented with four unexpected walk-ins guests. Not wanting to turn anyone away, Sydney and a member of our Housekeeping department took the initiative to clean the last two rooms so that all four guests had clean and comfortable accommodations for the night! Sydney was proactive and a true team player! Her efforts were greatly appreciated!


Callie D’Ambrisi

Through each of her shifts thus far this semester, Callie has shown tremendous energy. Employees from all departments have commented on how proactive she has been, not shying away from guest interaction but rather taking the initiative to jump in and help. Tameka at the Front Desk said she didn’t have to think twice about Callie’s work at the desk earlier this week – she was very guest-oriented and even took the opportunity to start making reservations over the telephone. Other employees have comments on her strong, outgoing personality and her focus on staying productive even during down times.


Ciara Moscarello

Another example of great initiative. While Ciara was Manager on Duty, she was a huge help to Joseph and the Banquet department on an extremely busy day. She jumped right in by not only breaking down the room from a breakfast for 60 people in rounds to setting up for the next event which consisted of 18, eight-foot tables complete with linens, flatware, glassware, water stations. To top things off, she vacuumed the entire banquet room as well. Kudos for your teamwork!


Andrew Maffey

Nominated by the Food & Beverage department, Andrew was seen jumping in and helping out wherever needed during his Manager on Duty shift. He was “a great worker…[and] continually checked over at the Bistro for odd jobs. He ran many room services and acted as Student Ambassador in recruiting new students.” He even offered to come in on his own time and help out on Sunday. He brought to life the saying that “If you have time to lean, you have time to clean,” as the picture below aptly illustrates. Maggie said, “Everytime we turned around he was caught doing something else...what a star!”

Congratulations on your phenomenal effort and true team spirit!!!


Stefanie Smith

Stefanie had quite the exciting Manager on Duty shift last weekend! From the start, it was non-stop. First, the hotel started to lose hot water, during which Stefanie was on-hand to assist a mother and a potential future Blue Hen get showered and ready for their campus tour. Next, a guest experienced a medical issue and called for an ambulance. Stefanie was first on the scene to render comfort to the guest and her teenage son, not to mention, she was liaison to UD Police and the Newark EMTs when they arrived. Finally, Stefanie (on her way down to the Front Desk with the guest and the EMTs) got stuck on the elevator. No problem for her! She calmly called down on the radio for assistance, and didn’t let any of the other occupants panic.

Kudos Stefanie! You got to experience an exercise in “worst case scenarios” and you did great!


Karina Faust

Nominated for her proactive attitude on her most recent Manager on Duty shift, Karina led with quiet confidence. She could be seen helping out at the Front Desk during peak arrival time, as well as walking throughout the rest of the hotel to ensure it was in tip-top shape for a very busy weekend. Comments from hotel staff members include…

  • “Great with guests!”
  • “Jumped right in, and asked great questions.”
  • “Totally took charge of the Front Desk making keys and taking reservations.”
  • “Had great initiative and started helping guests without being prompted.”

Congrats Karina! You exhibited the type of top-notch attitude and initiative that has made us an award-winning hotel! Keep up the great work!


Morgan Charde

Morgan showed a true commitment to the hotel by selflessly staying two hours late after her Manager on Duty shift to assist the Banquet staff clean-up and set-up for back-to-back events. The extra set of hands proved vital to our Banquets Team and both clients commented that their event was smooth and professional. Throughout the semester, other staff members have commented on Morgan’s team-first attitude with comments like, “[Arrived] 10 minutes early…, “ “Was very prepared...” and, “Very service minded and customer focused….”

Hats off Morgan! With this kind of work ethic, you will be destined for greatness in the hospitality industry!


Katherine Parsells

Katherine’s P.M. Restaurant shift evaluation was full of rave reviews from long-time team member, Diane Frezzo.  Diane’s comments include, “She was service minded and able to do what needed to be done without reminders. She kept busy by re-stocking drinks, taking care of [sidework]…She helped Jess clear and clean tables plus bring out food…[and] she stayed late!” Over the course of the semester, Katherine received other glowing comments such as, “[She…] was very helpful and ‘natural’ on the Front Desk…” and, “[She] is very attentive and helpful.”

Congrats Katherine! You have shown how valuable a positive attitude and strong sense of dedication can make a hotel more successful!



Fall 2013

Sarah Drobnock – Week 1

While Manager on Duty, Sarah was integral in ensuring a pair of VIP guests visiting campus were well taken care of. One guest was wheelchair-bound and upon check-in, his wife needed our assistance in obtaining items that would better accommodate his needs. Sarah took it upon herself to get the items and place them in the room and personally ensure their satisfaction. Sarah showed great initiative and a true guest-first attitude, and the guest ultimately left extremely pleased with their experience.

Salvatore Ciro – Week 2

After completing a P.M. Front Desk shift, Salvatore volunteered to assist the Banquet staff with the break-down and set-up of the entire meeting room, including the disassembly of the dance floor (quite a feat)! He stayed well after midnight to ensure that the hotel was properly set-up for the next day’s busy meeting schedule. Salvatore was very selfless and giving of his time, and the staff was extremely appreciative!

Danuphon Tantiphayak – Week 3

While hosting the University of Delaware’s Board of Trustees for a two-day meeting, Danuphon was asked to assist the restaurant in ensuring our VIP guests were taken care of as expeditiously as possible. He took this opportunity and ran with it! He single-handedly greeted every guest, ensured they received their orders quickly, offered additional assistance to everyone he encountered, and really showed the Courtyard spirit!


Sara Cannizzaro – Week 4

This week’s winner is being recognized for her efforts in two departments. Judy, our Executive Housekeeper, commented on Sara’s great initiative – taking the time to look around the property, asking pointed, relevant questions, and showing genuine interest in the inner-workings of the Housekeeping department.

Sara also showed true leadership abilities during yesterday’s Sales Blitz. Melissa, our Director of Sales, stated that Sara was very comfortable going out and was a true salesman promoting our property to the fullest. She was very personable and professional!


Michael Bandy-Pistory (Week #5)

During his Manager-on-Duty shift, Michael displayed a real “customer-first” attitude, handling several guest concerns and requests in just his first hour on shift. Nominated by the Housekeeping department, Mike was observed being very proactive, and took the initiative to ensure that communication between the Front Desk and Housekeeping was top-notch on a very busy day. Mike did not shy away from anything and really stepped up to the challenge!

Jennifer Piccone (Week #6)

In the words of Debby at the Front Desk, Jennifer was “Fabulous!” During an extremely busy time at the Front Desk, Jennifer took charge in trying to assist as many guests as possible, including some guests that weren’t 100% satisfied with their stay. Without hesitation, Jennifer jumped right in and stayed focused on ensuring our guests arrived and departed on a positive note!

Pauline Wardell (Week #7)

While working a P.M. Front Desk shift, Polly had the opportunity to engage with a guest one-on-one with regards to tracking a lost package. She took ownership of the situation, and stayed past her shift’s end time to ensure that everything possible was done to assist the guest. Taking the time to assist a guest in need “…didn’t faze her at all. [Polly] displayed patience, the ability to think/act quickly, excellent problem-solving skills, and true leadership.“


Chih Yao Ko (Week #8)

Chih Yao was nominated for SOTW three times in the last week, both of his Manager-on-Duty and P.M. Restaurant shift! While MOD, Chih Yao helped the Front process the much-anticipated Parents Weekend waitlist as well as help answer a heavy volume of incoming calls. During his P.M. Restaurant shift, Chih Yao noticed that the Front Desk Agent-on-Duty was preoccupied assisting a guest and without hesitation came over to assist with answering phones and guest questions, including a guest that was having difficulty in the business center. He showed great initiative and was a real team player!

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