Diane Ferry

Associate Professor of Management

Department: Business Administration
Campus Address: 219 Alfred Lerner Hall
Newark, DE 19716
Phone: 302-831-1769


Diane L. Ferry is Associate Professor of Management at the University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics.  She joined the faculty of the Lerner College after earning her doctorate in Management and Organizational Behavior from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.  Dr. Ferry’s research topics have ranged from macro organization topics to decision making and information technology to international management and business cultures and classroom teaching.  Her publications include a book, Measuring and Assessing Organizations, and articles in a variety of journals such as the Academy of Management Review, Information & Management: The International Journal of Information Systems Applications, OMEGA: the International Journal of Management Science, and the Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education.  Dr. Ferry currently teaches management and international management topics in the graduate and undergraduate management curricula, including Leadership in International Business Cultures and Current Issues in Global Business – Japan and the Pacific Rim.  She received a Distinguished Teaching Award for Distance Learning for her online teaching and most recently the 2013 Lerner College Outstanding Outreach/Service Award.


  • B.A. - History, Gettysburg College, 1969
  • MBA,- Shippensburg University, 1974
  • Ph.D. - The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, 1978
  • Curriculum Vitae


Van de Ven, Andrew H. and Ferry, Diane L. (1980).  Measuring and Assessing Organizations. New York: John Wiley & Sons.  This book is part of the Wiley‑Intersci­ence Series on Organizational Assessment and Change edited by Edward E. Lawler and Stanley E. Seashore.

Ferry, Diane L. (1986). Book review of The Collected Works of Mary Parker Follett. Academy of Management Review, 11(2), 451-454.

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Ferry, Diane L., Watson, Sharon, and Boyles, Corinne (2007).  East vs. West: An Empirical Study of Cross-Cultural Differences in Time Use.  Journal of International Business Research and Practice, 1 (1), 28-37.

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Ferry, Diane L. and Kydd, Christine T. (1992).  Decision Making in a Low Probability High Risk Setting: The Case of Computer Viruses.  Omega: The International Journal of Management Science, 20(1), 117-126.

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McCann, Joseph E. and Ferry, Diane L. (1979).  An Approach for Assessing and Managing Inter‑Unit Interde­pendence.  Academy of Manage­ment Review, 4(1), 113-119.  This article is included as a reading in Judith Gordon's book A Diagnos­tic Approach to Organizational Behavior (Allyn and Bacon, 1983).

Awards & Honors

2008    Distinguished Teaching Award in Distance Education (awarded from field of 145 faculty)

1998    Mortar Board Professor (student selected)

2003    Ferry, Diane and Kydd, Christine, “Unidel Proposal for Technology-Enhanced Management Case Classroom.”  (Alfred Lerner Hall Videoconferencing Classroom, $125,000)

2001    Kydd, Christine, and Ferry, Diane L., Center for Teaching Effectiveness Advanced and Emerging Technologies in Instructional Contexts grant for “Exploring Business Issues and Decision-Making in High Tech Fields using Videoconferencing and Electronic Meeting Tools.”   ($11,000 total)

1993    Kydd, Christine T. and Ferry, Diane L., Center for Information Systems Management, Education, and Research grant for “Teaching Group Decision Support Systems.”  ($6000 total)

1991    Ferry, Diane L., Special grant to study “Feasibility of Management and Faculty Development Seminars in Southern Delaware”  ($5000 total)


Information Systems

     Business Information Systems I: Computer Literacy

            Business Information Systems II: MIS Literacy

     Systems Development (project course, team taught with Operations professor)

Management and Organizational Behavior


              Organizational Behavior

              Organizational Cultures (team taught with Communication professor)

              Strategic Management

              Administrative Management Systems

              Designing Effective Organizations (regular & Honors)     

              High Technology in Business Issues and Decision Making (team taught with 1 other)

              Management & Organizational Behavior (on-campus, Honors, & online)


              Current Issues in Global Business: Japan & the Pacific Rim

              International Business Management

               Seminar in International Management (Study Abroad: London, France, Australia & New Zealand)


       Economics of Organizational Behavior (team taught with Economics professor)

               Leadership and Organizational Behavior

              Seminar in Management (online)

              Systems Behavior and Implementation

              Titans, Teams & Technology


              Leadership in International Business Cultures

              Special Topics in Global Business

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